coffee soap that benefits coffee soap when its a cold process recipe handmade
coffee soap benefits all coffee soap that is a coffee cold process recipe with coffee ground soap
coffee soap that benefits coffee soap when its a cold process recipe handmade
coffee soap benefits all coffee soap that is a coffee cold process recipe with coffee ground soap

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$5 Coffee Soap

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Ava was so accommodating with my delivery request & followed up continuously. These soaps were a housewarming gift and my friend and her boyfriend loved them! They sell so good.


I actually love using the coffee soap as a shampoo... love that the scent lingers and it makes my hair soft!

Our $5 handmade coffee soap amazingly exfoliates your skin

We start with a few pounds of the medium roasted coffee beans that we grind ourselves. After creating the base of the coffee soap recipe, we use take the coffee grounds and add them to the lovely mixture. Once it's cured we're left with a handmade coffee soap scrub that smells absolutely delicious.

Funny story, every single time we make the coffee soap we get a phone call from Anthony, a little old man who owns a bakery about half a mile down the street... he always calls + I always pickup to hear him jokingly say the same words "what are you girls making that coffee soap again?!?! why don't you come get some real coffee and buy some donuts?!?!" It's classic, we don't eat donuts :) but we do visit Anthony once a week

Scent: Coffee, vanilla, aromatic

If you didn't know, coffee has amazing health benefits, not only does it create an all natural exfoliating bar of soap that smells incredible, coffee has naturally occurring antioxidants that have anti-aging properties + it could also keep you more alert due to the natural caffeine.

🌱 All of our products are completely plant-based + never include animal fats 🌱

All of our handmade soap recipes are crafted using the cold process method which allows your tea tree soap to lather better + last longer.

We specialize in crafting custom party favor orders for baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties + any other type of party or event where party favors are called for. We'll always give you the best price when you order in bulk + you might even get some free soap samples thrown in for yourself. We wrap + label each soap or shampoo individually + the result is a memorable, magnificent little gift that party go-ers always love. The size + wording of your party favor tags are fully custom made, just contact us thru email or our contact us page to discuss customization's.

With our coffee soap bar, you can request that we make a special custom batch using your own coffee grounds (min. order required)

Fill out our contact us form HERE with any questions or concerns, if you prefer to email us directly you can click HERE we'll get back to you promptly.

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Sometimes people also search for homemade soaps or maybe making soaps the all natural soaps way, they search for cold process soap and handmade soap natural and ask questions about soap ingredients and how handmade soaps are make soap the way that they do on etsy without drying skin at the regular homemade soap for sale way. all natural handmade soap is the way to go and we make the best in town. coffee soap has benefits many don't realize. this bar smells like a vanilla soap but isn't, it's our own coffee soap cold process recipe that we've created ourselves. A coffee soap scrub.

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