Felted Soap

100% wool felted soap savers!

Stop fighting with your children to take a bath or a shower, do yourself a favor and get them one of our felted monsters. You can think of it as an investment since it'll save you aggravation and most of all the time we spend repeating things like... get in the shower!... you have to take a bath!... do you want to be the stinky kid in school?!

If you're unfamiliar with felted soap, you're probably wondering why would anyone felt soap? Watch our video above for a better understanding. Felted soap easily explained- a bar of soap that we hand wrap in 100% wool, then needle felt by hand. A lot of time and love go into creating each and every felted soap in our collection.
Your soap will last 2x longer when it's felted!!
Felted soap is a soap saver that will last... These bars will last much longer then a bare bar of soap and the felt will continue to shrink around the bar as you use it. Wool dries very quickly (as long as it's not left in a pool of water). When the soap inside is used up your left with a beautiful pouch, just cut a slit on the top and you can refill it with a new bar. It can even be refilled with small soap pieces, our shampoo bars!
Felted soap is amazing, they're tons of fun for children and adults with an added bonus to the excitement, all of our felted soaps are exfoliators, they work better than a loofah and they never become moldy, even if they were accidentally left in the corner of a dark, damp bathtub for months, and your soap will last way longer than if you continue to use bare bars.
You could imagine felted soap to be sort of like a washcloth that's permanently attached to your handmade soap, but instead of cotton we use 100% wool and then turn the bars into adorable, amazing, playful looking creations.

We hand craft and design all of the felted soap bars you'll find in our collection.

After rubbing your felted soap under warm water it will begin to produce a thick creamy lather that's perfect for any bath or shower.
Each felted soap comes completely gift wrapped, with ingredients and instructions on how to use. Since all of the bars are hand felted, no two bars will be identical.

We accept custom orders, keep in mind that there is a wait time that can be anywhere between 3-6 weeks depending on the type of felted bar your looking for.

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