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Mystery Mini Monster Felted Soap
Mystery Mini Monster Felted Soap

Ava Quinn's

Mystery Mini Monster Felted Soap

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Julissa O'Connor
Cutest soaps

Love the felted monster soaps for my 4 year old, they smell soooo good!

So adorable!

My kids loved their monsters! Love that they come with names & they smell amazing! Definitely will be ordering again!

Patricia Del
Monster soap

I was very pleased with the size and quality of the Monster soap that I bought for my grandson. The scent is very pleasant. It gives me peace of mind that it is natural and doesn't have any of the chemicals found in commercial soaps. I will most definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Christina Sosa
The perfect little monster for my little monster

I was pleasantly shocked at the quality of these little felt monsters. And everything about them makes them well worth the money! The soap inside is excellent quality-scent and all. The felt is reusable and compostable! And the bar is small enough for my 4 year old to hold and use himself. I will definitely be purchasing again!

Shelby Gerstenberg
Best soap ever!

We bought two monster soaps for my boys and we are absolutely in love with this purchase! We will definitely be purchasing more in the future!!! Keep being awesome Ava Quinn!!!

Our felted soap savers are awesome! All kids and adults love our wool soap designs!

Note to parents: If you want to stop fighting with your kids to get in the bath or to take a shower, do yourself a favor, get them one of our felted soaps. It's basically an investment since it'll save you hours of time + aggravations saying things like... get in the shower!... you have to take a bath!

Mystery mini monsters are fun because you never know which monster youre going to get! each monster comes with their own unique name (that my daughter picks out) and story. If you would like certain colors, or a certain soap inside be sure to message us and we will do what we can to make sure you get the monster you would like.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut oil, olive oil pomace, shea butter, sunflower oil, essential oils, fragrance oils, mica, clay, dehydrated vegetables.

weight 4-6oz should last about two months 

If your asking yourself what is felted soap or what is a felted soap saver? Watch our video above. Felted wool soap is simply a plant based handmade bar of our soap wrapped in wool which we then needle felt into felted designs.

Felted soaps will last 2 longer than traditional soap!!

  • The felt will continue to shrink around the bar as you use it + since wool naturally dries very quickly (as long as it's not left in a pool of water) our felted soap is becomes a literal soap saver + each handmade bar will last 2✗ as long as a bare bar of soap would.
  • When the soap inside is used up your left with a beautiful soap saver bag, just cut a slit on the top and you can refill it with a new bar. It can even be refilled with small soap pieces, or even our shampoo bars!
  • The benefits of felted soaps are huge, they exfoliate the skin naturally, unlike a loofah which puts harsh chemicals deep into children's pores. Not only are they healthier and better to use, they never become moldy.
  • We hand craft and design all of the felted soap bars you see in our collection.
  • After rubbing your felted soap under warm water it will begin to produce a thick creamy lather that's perfect for any bath or shower.



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