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Vegan Conditioner Bar
Vegan Conditioner Bar

Ava Quinn's

Vegan Conditioner Bar

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Again, I feel like these products have a little bit of magic in them. When I first rubbed my hands onto the conditioner bar, it didn't feel like I was getting anything on my hands. I just rubbed them into my hair and then kept rubbing the bar and then my hair. I had read people's reviews that a little goes a long way, but I didn't even know that it was even really getting much onto my hair. I did feel like my hair was getting heavier (a good sign for my thin hair). When I rinsed it off and then felt my hair, my hair had so much body, I was shocked! I have never felt my hair that way. Magic! I am so grateful to have found such a beautifully made product that is environmentally conscious and takes such lovely care of my locks!


Unfortunately,when I went to use the condtioner bar,my hair felt very oily from using it

A little goes a long way

I have curly hair down to the middle of my back and trust me when I say a little bit is all you need. Highly recommend!

Soft hair

Using this conditioner bar makes my hair very soft and clean

In love

I have curly hair and ever since I started using this I have stopped wearing any product in my hair. Leaves my hair smelling so good!

Kick the bottle! Solid conditioner bars are great for everyday use and for traveling. Packed in recyclable paper and gets you one step closer to Zero Waste.

Our Vegan Solid conditioner bar will leave it soft, shiny and tangle-free. Created with moisturizing cocoa butter, softening coconut oil are just some of the ingredients you’ll find in our hair care. The conditioner goes a long way  

 Ingredients: candelilla wax, mango butter, grape seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, meadow foam oil, cocoa butter 

weight 2oz 

After you shampoo and rinse, apply to wet hair.
- spread a very small layer of conditioner onto palm. Massage into the other palm of your hands and start working through the ends of your hair then work your way up (do not use on roots) and then rinse clean with hot water.
- Put the solid conditioner away from water and enjoy your lovely locks.

If you find your hair is greasy, you used too much.


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