Activated Charcoal face bar
Activated Charcoal face bar
Activated Charcoal face bar

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Activated Charcoal face bar

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My boyfriend has been in a charcoal obsession lately - charcoal toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, mouthwash, you name it!
After months of listening me to rave about all of the AvaQuinns soaps that I've used, he FINALLY agreed to try it. And he loves it!!
His skin feels so smooth and silky. He also uses this on his hair and his hair feels SO soft.
(Fun Fact: He bought Dove Charcoal before this soap came in. One night he used the Dove and the next night he used AvaQuinns and guys, the difference is UNREAL. His skin and hair feel so rich).
He doesn't have acne or skin problems, other than drying out easily, and he loved the one he tried so much that I bought three more bars the next day!!


Amazing. Reordered more within a week!

Like this soap for face

I know u can use this soap for body also but I keep it just for my helps clear up any breakouts & it's just a nice clean smell ...I haven't used any cleansers from stores since I've been using these bar soaps....🙂

The best product I have ever used on my face!

This soap not only smells beautiful but the effects its had on my skin have been unbelievable. I haven't had a single breakout since I started using it and my face smells and feels incredibly fresh after use. I can never go back to harsh chemical-filled facial cleansers and have no reason to. Phenomenal little product!

Activated Charcoal

I bought this soap for my 10yr old son who was dealing with some breakouts. After the first use, he commented how great his skin felt. We’ve seen a big difference in his skin & the breakouts. He also likes how it makes him smell. This will definitely be a staple in our home going forward.

Activated charcoal bar will leave your skin with noticeable improvements. Activated charcoal, known as a soap for acne has the amazing ability to absorb and draw out oil and dirt  from your pores. Since activated charcoal has so many uses we knew we had to make our own cruelty free, vegan version. Scented with essential oils to help clear and clean skin tones. Tea tree, Rosemary, and palmarosa.

 Ingredients saponified oils of Organic coconut oil, olive oil pomace, organic sunflower oil, raw shea butter, distilled water, activated charcoal, bentonite clay. Certified organic essential oils:  Tea tree, rosemary, and palmarosa  Approximate weight: 4oz 

Everything  is handmade in small-batches based in NYC.  we source local ingredients from local gardens and community gardens as much as possible. Every product we carry is completely vegetable-based with no animal fats added. We are a low waste company which means we try our best to never use plastic.

Extend the life of all your soap by keeping it dry in between uses, keeping it in a well drained, dry soap dish. Please keep in mind since each bar is handmade and hand cut, the size and appearance may slightly vary

We never use soy, artificial dyes, artificial ingredients or chemical


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