not say yes carrots shampoo, our shampoo w/ ginger is crazy you'll ask how we made a shampoo bar like this

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Carrot Cinnamon Shampoo Bar

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Amazing product!!

Amazing product smells just like carrot cake in my opinion. My hair is already more manageable and less oily between washes after only two uses. Also noticed less tangles when brushing after towel drying. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Worth every penny. ❤

Ginger Carrot shampoo bar

First shampoo bar, I've tried! I love it! It really does soothe my itchy scalp! I would recommend it to everyone

My First Shampoo Bar

This is the first shampoo bar I have ever bought and I love it! They’re a great way to reduce plastic consumption!

these bars are still curing  when you receive do not use until April 1st let them sit and harden. The longer they sit, the longer they last.

Cinnamon Carrot shampoo bar is created for normal or oily hair types. This bar will help increase circulation and improve hair growth along with add a beautiful shine. The color of the bar is a burnt orange which is created using carrot juice and almond milk. The almond milk and Carrot juice in This soap recipe helps create a beautiful lather and nutrients to your scalp. 

ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, shea butter, olive oil pomace, cocoa butter, avocado oil, almond milk, carrot juice, rose hip, turmeric powder, papaya powder, certified organic essential oils

  • Pure ginger is known to increase circulation, when it gets lathered into your scalp the nutrients go exactly to your hair follicles, stimulating And prepping them for increased hair growth
  • Fruitfully filled with antioxidants, this all natural shampoo fights off free radicals and stops it from slowing our hairs growth
  • Prevents dandruff and alleviates inflammation, this bar will surely soothe your scalp

Scent: Cinnamon, warm, and refreshing ginger 

if this is your first time using all natural shampoo be prepared for a detox period. 

We don't create anything we wouldn't let our own children use. All creations exceed our strict standards before it ships to you.

Everything you'll find in our shop is cruelty-free + always hand-crafted in small-batches. Based in NY, we source local ingredients as much as from local gardeners and community gardens alike. Every product we carry is completely vegetable-based with no animal fats added.

Extend the life of all soap by keeping it dry in between uses, keeping it in a well drained, dry soap dish. Please keep in mind since each bar is handmade and hand cut, the size and appearance may slightly vary.

We never use soy, artificial dyes, artificial ingredients or chemicals.


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