Dog Paw & Nose Wax
Dog Paw & Nose Wax

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Dog Paw & Nose Wax

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Yandi Rosado
Best product for Doggie Paws

I love this product, it makes me feel like a good furry parent, my little German Shepard has the roughest paws and this bar helps them get nice and smooth. I knew I wanted to have this product once we got the puppy. Thank you so much Ava seriously!

Dog Paws

I could see a difference in my dog’s paws almost immediately.

Helen Geserick
Paw wax

This wax is great. Our dog loves it and it really protects his paws. I highly recommend getting it.

Janet Vetter

Your paw wax makes such a difference to our pups in winter!

protect your dog’s paws from the elements in even the extreme weather conditions. That means no more irritating sand, ice or snow between the paws or stuck to the furry paw pads.  Dog paw wax also helps with dry cracked paws. You may also use this wax on your dogs  dry nose. It will help lock in moisture to help your pups nose from cracking. 


This moisturizing formula is a blend of 100% pure natural waxes, including white and yellow beeswax and vitamin E that not only protects but also soothes cracked pads and paws. 

Directions: Apply sparingly on and between toe pads. No need to shave hair. Re-apply as needed. In heavy salt conditions, wipe paws with a clean soft cloth, when returning indoors, in order to remove salt or other contaminates. 

ingredients: White and Yellow Beeswax, Candelilla Wax Plant based Oils with Vitamin E. Verified Reviews Badge
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