Eucalyptus + Chamomile Tea Gift Set
Eucalyptus + Chamomile Tea Gift Set
Eucalyptus + Chamomile Tea Gift Set
Eucalyptus + Chamomile Tea Gift Set
Eucalyptus + Chamomile Tea Gift Set

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Eucalyptus + Chamomile Tea Gift Set

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Perfect for grandmas!

Lovely and petite , smelling sweet and caffeine free- this was the perfect our grandmas on Mother’s Day!

Cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin with our vibrant all natural homemade soap recipes.

♻ We make out products with pure essential oils, plant butters, natural oils, organic botanicals, herbs, spices + always our favorite ingredient to use, fruits + vegetables! We're proud to call ourselves an Eco-friendly, women owned NY local business ♻

Our moisturizing all natural handmade soap recipes are scrupulously developed to produce a mild and skin-nourishing soap that offers an amazing long lasting lather and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and candescently healthy.

About Our homemade soap recipes

➤ All of our products are made using the cold process method
➤ All skin care needs are unique, so we offer a wide array of formulations
➤ Hand-crafted in small batches with all natural botanicals and essential oils, the color and scent may change slightly from one batch to the next
➤ Available in full size bars and sample sizes
➤ Trial size (sample bars) are a great size for hotel & guest bathrooms!

Compare our homemade soap recipes to other brands

➤ Our Bars are 5-6 oz -- compared to the national average 3.5 to 4 oz! (If you do a price per oz comparison)
➤ Most handmade soap companies in these United States of America use the hot process method which creates soap with less lather, less creativity and bars that don't last as long as cold process made products.
➤ Each product includes complete ingredient listings, letting you know exactly what you are buying (and putting on your skin).
➤ Every item has been tested by myself and my family. We don't create anything we wouldn't let our own children use.
➤ All of our handmade soap and other creations exceed our rigorous standards before it ships to you.

All our soap, shampoo and skin-care products are always hand-crafted in small batches. Based in NY, we source local ingredients as much as possible from local gardeners and community gardens alike, all of our products are completely vegetable-based with no animal fats added.

Extend the life of your soap by keeping it dry in between uses and make sure it's in a well drained, dry soap dish. Please keep in mind since each bar is handmade and hand cut, the size and appearance may slightly vary.

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We say homemade soap recipes referring to our humble beginning. All of our original homemade soap recipes were just that, created, thought of + tested at home! We're grateful to all of our customers who are loyal to Ava Quinn's, we want you to know that we truly appreciate every one of you.

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