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Our Lavender Milk shampoo is made with oat milk infused in lavender buds. The oat milk in this bar gives it this creamy luxurious lather that your scalp will love. 

The lavender helps stimulate hair growth, relieve dandruff and itchy scalps, fights with hair loss, helps prevents head lice.

Benefits: Shine & strength & growth

This shampoo bar is for Combination Hair types. This means those with greasy yet dry scalp & hair. This can also be for all hair types. 


Saponified oils of:  Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Pomace, Organic Castor oil, Organic Cocoa butter, Organic Non GMO Sunflower Oil, Purple Brazilian Clay, Oat milk infused with lavender flowers, Essential Oil: Certified Organic Lavender


We Create With Plants & Love.

Our Cold Process soaps & shampoos are a unique specialized process. We use nature to extracts vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fresh whole foods and herbs, leaving the healthiest natural nutrients for your skin & scalp to soak up.

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With the use of the garlic onion hair oil, my hair has been so light and clean

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We know the power of keeping skincare simple and clean for you and your family. Our products use vegan, all-natural foods and ingredients to keep your body clean from the outside in.

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We're an NYC, women-owned business, founded by Ava, who wanted find better products for her daughter's dry skin. 8 years and 10,000+ orders later, Ava is still the one making and packaging your orders with love!

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We source products locally as much as we can using our local gardeners, our neighbors and even ourselves to get our botanicals. We also keep our packaging as sustainable as possible.