asking yourself, what is this pine tar soap? look no further this bar has endless benefits, colored brown and strong scented just like pine tar
great for acne this pine tar bar of soap can improve rashes, it is a brown color, it weighs 5-6 ounces and is about 3 by 3 by 1 inches in size
modeled afer the old fashioned pine tar soap recipe this bar is just like the original, its brownish black and it has a strong scent that smells like pine tar
pine tar soap you can use in hair, amazing shampoo and soap that will help dry skin or scalp, 3 x 3 x 1 inches, 5-6 ounces

Ava Quinn's

Eczema soap

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Nicolle Steinhoff
Love this product!!!!

The smell threw me off at first but My skin was desperate so I tried it. The smell does not stick around it does wash off. The product is amazing though didn’t over dry my skin and everyday I can see my skin getting better and better. This soap is a blessing in disguise haha.

Brian Frizziola
Smells great!

I love this soap. Keeps me feeling clean and smelling good all day. Doesn’t dry or make my face greasy and it softens my beard. It’s prefect!

Sam Forin
The best pine tar soap I've ever came across

I'm super picky with the pine tar soap I use, the good ones clear up my eczema quickly, unfortunatly they're all not good ones.... THIS PINE TAR SOAP IS AMAZING, and I'm a customer for life!!!!

Our pine tar soap is for people who have troubled skin. I use a unique blend of pine tar, olive oil, shea butter and castor oil. The scent of the soaps (best described as) woody and smokey.

ingredients coconut, olive oil pomace, shea butter, sunflower, castor oil, pine tar Verified Reviews Badge
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