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our pumice bar is just like a pumice stone that has volcanic rock, it scrubs off grease and oil quick, a green hand held 2 by 1/2 in. bar of soap

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I love it!

Today is day 4 of using this product. I love the smell and how it lathers my body. I am excited to see how day 30-60 turns out for me. I purchased this product to help restore my dead skin on my legs.

Pumice soap, not very effective

it smells nice, it softens my feet a little, but doesn't really take off the scaly places as I had hoped.

Best All Around!

I purchased this product for myself and several family members (male and female) last year for Christmas. Now we all buy our own!

Love this soap!

Love it! Love it! Love it! My skin is so soft after using the pumice soap.

Love it!

The pumice soap is great for your feet to keep them smooth especially during the summer

Made with actual pumice powder this bar will scrub the toughest grease right off of your hands and body. The pumice stone soap is used by both men and women equally. it can be used for dry feet that may have a callus or even dry hands. It can also be used it as an alternative to remove grime off your body after a long day help with cracked skin. 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Coconut oil, Olive oil pomace, Shea butter, Sunflower oil, Bentonite clay, poppy seeds, pumice powder, certified organic essential oils

The benefits to pumice in general are endless. Our pumice soap bar can be easily related to a pumice stone. A pumice rock is widely known to help scrub away dry skin on your hands and feet and act as a cure to alleviate and prevent the symptoms that come along with the above ailment. This pumice bar of soap will not only do the same thing, it will simultaneously deeply exfoliate and cleanse your pores. It contains volcanic lava rock and is an amazing, must have all natural abrasive, it exfoliates dead skin and scrubs you so clean that it will scrub off any and all dirt, tar, paint, grease, oil, ink and adhesives.


Each product includes complete ingredient listings, letting you know exactly what you are buying (and putting on your skin). Every item we produce has been tested by myself and my family. We don't create anything we wouldn't let our own children use. All creations exceed our rigorous standards before it ships to you.

All of our soap, shampoo and skin-care products are always hand-crafted in small batches. Based in NY, we source local ingredients as much as possible from local gardeners and community gardens alike, all of our products are completely vegetable-based with no animal fats added.

Extend the life of your soap by keeping it dry in between uses and make sure it's in a well drained, dry soap dish. Please keep in mind since each bar is handmade and hand cut, the size and appearance may slightly vary.

We never use soy, artificial dyes, artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Our promise to you: we will always use the highest quality ingredients and will source local products within our region as much as possible.

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