Fox felted soap saver

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Fox felted soap saver

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I love my little Fox friend soap saver! It gives a nice little later and gentle exfoliation and definitely makes the soap last longer. Its also nice to smile at how cute it is every morning <3

Our felted soap savers are not only amazing but cute too! All kids of all ages love our wool soap designs!

Felted fox measures 2.5"x 2" and 1" This soap will last about 3 months and gently exfoliate your skin. ingredients: Saponified oil of organic coconut, Olive oil pomace, organic sunflower oil, Shea butter, mica, clay, essential oil, 100% wool 

 Felted soap is simply a plant based handmade bar of soap wrapped in 100% wool. We needle felt each design.  Your felted soaps will last 2✗ longer than traditional soap.

How to use your felted soap: Take your felted soap into the bath or shower with you and SCRUB AWAY! For first time use let  soak for a minute while you lather, once you see suds you’re ready to go! After every use make sure you DO NOT leave your felted soap  in a pool of water. Keep it in a well drained soap dish. 

The felt will continue to shrink around the bar as you use it + since wool naturally dries very quickly (as long as it's not left in a pool of water) our felted soap is becomes a literal soap saver + each handmade bar will last 2✗ as long as a bare bar of soap would.


When the soap inside is used up your left with a beautiful soap saver bag, just cut a slit on the top and you can refill it with a new bar. It can even be refilled with small soap pieces, or even our shampoo bars!

The benefits of felted soaps are huge, they exfoliate the skin naturally, unlike a loofah which puts harsh chemicals deep into children's pores. Not only are they healthier and better to use, they never become moldy.

We hand craft and design all of the felted soap bars you see in our collection.

After rubbing your felted soap under warm water it will begin to produce a thick creamy lather that's perfect for any bath or shower.

Each felted soap comes completely gift wrapped with ingredients and directions on how to use it. Since all of the bars are hand felted, no two bars will be identical but we do try to keep them as similar as possible.

We accept custom orders and you can get these soap savers at wholesale pricing, just keep in mind that because they're made by hand by us, if your order is very custom or very large, it may take between 3-6 weeks to arrive, depending on what your looking for.



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